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  1. yuffielover Oct 03, 2016

    It's been quite a long time! Anyways I found Auron to be quite a useful character to have in your party in FF10. He is a true powerhouse, especially in the later parts of the game, and is almost unstoppable when he has his celestial weapon.

  2. cheyseh Jul 01, 2009

    i love it very much

  3. DarthAya Jun 16, 2009

    I think you should have a banner =D

  4. sasuke987 Banned Member Jun 01, 2009


  5. NovaBomb May 24, 2009

    hey whats up? i was just wondering how to become a full member?
    i love final fantasy X and X-2!

  6. sasuke987 Banned Member May 19, 2009

    hay nice to meet you here to terry-cahan

  7. terryLove88 May 19, 2009

    hi, i new here..i love FF X 2 also advent Children..hehe..

  8. sasuke987 Banned Member May 11, 2009

    hi i'm new..

  9. excaliburer May 11, 2009

    I more love Final Fantasy X than X-2 because Yuna can call the aeons in X. But X-2 also has a special side. Y, R, P can change dress sphere.
    Love Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, and Kimahri in FFX.
    Still love Yuna and Rikku in FFX-2. Also love Paine and Gippal.

  10. cloudstrifekilledme Feb 22, 2009

    x and x2 is pretty cool, but i'm a bigger fan of 7 cause its more of the present... Cloud pwns all! that is all.....

  11. SukiLovesAnime Dec 16, 2008

    Final Fantasy rules as well as Kingdom Hearts ^-^

  12. IrvinesGurl Sep 24, 2008

    =3 I LUV GIPPAL ON FFX-2! Hes the best charactor on there! Im like the biggest FF Fan (mayb the #1 fan) Well anyways Hi Guys Wuts Up? =D ?

  13. SukiLovesAnime Feb 12, 2008

    I just love all the dressspheres that the X-2 gives...
    but I still can't get the Lucky Lady Dresssphere though
    Shinra is hard to beat T^T
    Is there an easier way to take him down in his own game of Sphere Break?

  14. Mirukudesu Jan 08, 2008

    I love both Final Fantasy X and X-2. It's such a beautiful story, Yuna and Tidus are a cute couple and there's a lot of costumes ^^

  15. amybraska Nov 01, 2007

    I like Yuna in the FFX. I want her outfit in that one. It's adorable ^^

  16. kamikazekazuo Oct 30, 2007

    Yeah that Spring scene where they are passionately kissing is a great scene... tells a lot about how much Yuna loves him and how much he cares about her... and maan... I must say... FF X-2... I love her new change... she's way hot!

  17. SukiLovesAnime Oct 09, 2007

    I've played both FF X & X-2
    Yuna changed alot in FF X-2, she's more independed in the game
    But she still love Tidus though, I can tell that much
    In FF X, when I watched them kiss, it was so awesome n beautiful ^-^

  18. amybraska Jul 13, 2007

    Ummmmm may I join this group? I always loved the Final Fantasy series. Especially FFX because of all the summonings you can do. Also I have beat both games and it was fun doing that to. ^^

  19. UltraMarine Jun 28, 2007

    Wow, I haven't pop in here such a long time....

    To nedved11.

    I would recommend playing FFX before finishing FFX-2, that way, you wouldn't be to spoiled when you do play FFX. But i guess it too late?. 10-2 has muliple endings in which one them would probably make better sense if you know FFX's ending. Or so I think. I haven't touch the game in years. (Currently playing FF12)

    And you must be playing the International version, right? It doesn't have english subs with japanese voices unless there's a hacked version out there?

  20. nedved11 Jun 25, 2007

    Woah,Inactive group.
    Final Fantasy X2 is the best RPG.Almost Finished it. I can't pass those damn behemoths at the water crossings. I also have FFX but haven't played it yet
    I can't figure how to switch to English subs and japanese voices instead of being the other way around :)

    Basch is the best ^^

  21. babyblueshakira May 24, 2007

    Wow, it hasnt been as active as it used to be.
    We need to start doing something so we can become active!

  22. SEPHIRTH May 18, 2007

    man from what i heard this group use to be very active come on let's try and make this group better than it is now

  23. animefairy Apr 15, 2007

    its dead. T____T

  24. Kage-Onitenshi Dec 21, 2006

    Hello, how are you?

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